Lecture notes and solved exercises

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What you’re reading: this is my collection of notes while studying in the physics program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (FMF) at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia; this page is intended primarily for FMF students taking the same courses, but everyone is welcome!

Year 3 courses

Missing: Laboratory 5, Data acquisition and processing, Mathematical physics practicum

Year 2 courses

Missing: Laboratory 3, Laboratory 4, Modern physics 1, Modern physics 2, Electronics 1, Electronics 2, Probability in physics, Mathematical physics.

More info

  • Here is a summary of the FMF physics curriculum

  • No courses from year 1?

    Unfortunately no, I hadn’t learned LaTeX yet and only took handwritten notes.

  • Wait you wrote 1500 pages of LaTeX lecture notes in three semesters?

    Yeah I guess it turned out that way, here’s a guide to how I did it: Supercharged LaTeX with (Neo)Vim. 1500 pages of notes is nothing too special by the way—check out Dexter Chua’s Cambridge notes for something really cool.

  • Če si študent/študentka FMFja in te zanima karkoli v zvezi z računalniškimi orodij/workflowi za izdelavo teh zapiskov in spletne strani: z veseljem pomagam/kaj pokažem—če ti ni nerodno mi sam en mail napiši in se lahko dobimo npr. v Mafiji.