Course description

Optika is an elective course in wave optics for third-year undergraduates in the FMF physics program. These notes are from the summer semester of the 2020-21 academic year, when the course was taught by professor Irena Drevenšek Olenik (lecture) and dr. Andrej Petelin (exercises). Material covered in the course includes:

  • a summary of geometrical optics
  • Maxwell’s equations and the wave equation in free space
  • the wave equation in conducting matter
  • polarization of electromagnetic waves
  • the Fresnel equations; the wave theory reflection and refraction
  • Fraunhofer and Fresnel diffraction
  • interference and the working principles of interferometers
  • an overview of scattering, coherence, and optical activity
  • microscopic models of the refractive index
  • optics in anisotropic media
  • a semiclassical introduction to the laser