What's on this website?

Here is the technical writing, tutorial series, academic material, and miscellaneous side projects you can find on this site.

Tutorial series

Multi-article series explaining software-related topics—my attempt to provide the resource I wish I'd had access to when learning the material for the first time myself.

  • A guide to supercharged mathematical typesetting

    Typeset math in LaTeX as fast as you can write it by hand—a 7-article-series covering snippets, VimTeX, compilation, PDF reader integration, relevant Vim theory, and battle-tested tips and best practices.

  • Find your footing on Arch Linux

    Bite-sized steps toward a functional work environment after a minimal install of Arch. From the basics of network connections and hardware integration to power-user key bindings to eye-candy wallpapers.

  • Deploy a Laravel web app

    A guide to deploying a web application with a Laravel backend and a JavaScript-based frontend—13 articles take you from SSHing into a fresh server to automated zero-downtime redeployment.


Material from my undergraduate studies and student teaching at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Ljubljana.

  • 1500+ pages of undergraduate physics notes typeset with LaTeX

    Lecture notes and exercise sets from the final two years of undergrad at the Faculty of Math and Physics (FMF) in Ljubljana. Intended primarily for FMF students taking the same courses, but everyone is welcome!

  • Undergraduate thesis

    My undergraduate "mini-thesis", on using convolutional neural networks for classifying the products of high-energy collisions in particle physics experiments. Check out the figures and slide-show presentation!

  • ROF tutorstvo 2022/23

    Spletna stran tutorstva za predmet Računalniška orodja v fiziki. (A web page made for first-year physics students when I served as a tutor for the course Computer Tools in Physics in the 2023 spring semester.)


Miscellaneous side projects; under development.

  • CasinoGraph

    A Latin social dance crossed with graph theory: Cuban salsa, aka Casino, represented as a directed cyclic graph in which the figures (edges) connect the positions (vertices).

  • Digital Hilbert transformer "from scratch"

    A (near) real-time FIR Hilbert transformer and bandpass filter using Python's Numpy and PyAudio.